Monday, November 20, 2006

Some days they are just odd....

That's Edmond asleep on top of Zaphod, who looks like he's gone crazed. They're just odd little guys some times.

I've had three really good writing days. I admit that I had them at the expense of getting virtually anything else done, but I'm still happy about them. I might even take a day or two more, though I will try to get a few things cleared away first thing tomorrow. Tonight, though, I'm battling with the 'too tired to care' problem. I keep opening emails I should answer and closing them again because anything I would say right now wouldn't be particularly helpful to the people asking me questions.

It's been a long few days. As usual, about this time, I look forward to the end of November. It's fun, but it's tiring. And I have other things I really, really need to do.

But as long as I have a NaNo novel going, it will draw my attention. I can't help it. I enjoy it too much.

Even when I am this tired.... Posted by Picasa

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