Friday, November 03, 2006

Into the heart of NaNo

This is day 3. I've done all right, despite a horrible cold and feeling lousy. I've just plugged away at the writing, a little at a time, and still managed to average 11k a day so far. Outlines are wondrous things that can get you through just about anything. It might not be the most inspired writing off the start, but I'm beginning to feel better about the story. Oddly, it's coming in way over the expected word count so far. If it keeps going like this, it's going to be over 120k.

I am keeping up on my NaNo blog -- link is to the right, isn't it? -- with little snippets of the rather uninspired writing for this year. I'm not getting a lot else done right now, but I don't care. I try to take a week or so for NaNo and just have fun. Granted, the cold has made it less fun than usual, but at least I'm writing fiction. (grin)

I'm finally starting to get into the feel for NaNo. The joy of leaping into a story and only coming up for air because you have to. I miss that sometimes. It's good to find it again. So...

Back to work. It's part way through day three. I have 27,100 words. It's looking good! Posted by Picasa

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