Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Half Way Point

It's the 15th. We're half way through NaNo. I'm at 116,940 this afternoon, and should have more before the day is out.

I am also getting some work done for DTF today, so that's slowed me up a bit. And a bit of Vision stuff, as well.

But the writing is going well. The Servant Girl came in at 102,085 words. The rest of my word count is now Dancer which, so far, I am really enjoying. I wish I could just throw myself into it, in fact. Which I might just do, so there.

It's cold today. And I think I'm going to have to move my computer back to my office, because it's warmer in that part of the house. I've been cold all day sitting here, and it isn't helping.

Of course, first I had to really clean up my office again, and we all know how soon that's going to happen.

I really enjoy NaNo, but about this time each year I really start looking forward to it being over, too. Maybe I shouldn't be wasting time writing this, though, right? I still have most of a novel to finish! Posted by Picasa

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