Friday, November 24, 2006

Sailing toward the end of NaNo....

We're almost there! I keep counting, just to make certain I'm right... and I am! Only five more days to the end of NaNo this year.

It has gone quickly. Despite the loss of poor Zelda and the continued poor health of Kwi, I managed to keep my focus mostly on the writing. But, as always happens from about the 20th on, I start feeling really happy that the end of the madness is drawing near. I love NaNo, but by this time I realize that I have other things to get back to, and only one month to finish up a lot of work, and....

I manage to get it all done every year, but it's tough!

I'm just over 180,000 words and I plan to have 200,000 and a few by the end. So about 4k a day between now and the end isn't so bad. I even managed to do some serious work on the 2YNY2 book last night. Yay!

I am still thinking about rudeness, and at what point I stop considering it funny or entertaining, and if I ever consider it a helpful teaching aid. But, again, that's me. People have different tastes in things, after all. And maybe this really is something associated more with literary fiction because some people on NaNo are mentioning how abusive some of the people in the lit fic forum are. Maybe it's part of a pattern? A different mindset that I'm just not used to?

But, anyway... Dancer is nearly done. It is already nearly 20k longer than the last version (the one I hated so much), and the character emotions are a little stronger this time. I've cut out excess days (and still made the novel longer without them), and kept the action moving. I'm heading towad the finaly scenes and really looking forward to them.

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