Friday, March 26, 2004

So yes. The first day of March Madness went well.

Day 1, 03/24/04

1 am -- 1033
2 am -- 2784
3 am -- 4012
4 am -- 5174
(break to 5am)
6 am -- 7075
(break to 5 pm)
6 pm -- 8396
(Break to 8 pm)
9 pm 9914
10 pm 11007
11 pm 12019
12 am 14015

I have slowed down now, of course, but it was a wonderful rush for the first day.

and the story is going well. I just a few moments ago came up with another scene that I want to add in. One of my characters is going to be playing a very dangerous game with someone far more powerful than him. I'm not sure if I'm going to let him win at it or not yet.

But I do think I have the story figured out this time. I'm having fun, too.

Back to work...

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