Sunday, March 28, 2004

Day 3
1 am 23245
(break to 3 am)
4 am 24,264
5 am 25,044
6 am 26351
(break to 4 pm)
5 pm 27715
(break to 7 pm)
8 pm 30 051
9 pm 30 605
10 pm 31686
11 pm 32764
12 am 33,414 (11,242)

I'll likely have about 35,000 when I finally got to bed. I just wrote out the stuff for two new upcoming chapters, and I hope to get them typed up before bed. We'll see. I am getting worn out, and the nice long relaxing bath where I wrote the stuff didn't help in that respect.

I have no complaints. I've had three very good days of writing. If I managed to do half as well for the remaining four I'll be happy. I've got a good lead on this book.

Oh, I just checked. I'm already over 35,000. I guess it's even better than I thought.

But it is also six in the morning. I'm going to have to sleep soon. Really...

After I finish this chapter. And maybe the next.

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