Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Day 6
1 am 52,877
2 am 54,140
(Break to 4 am)
5 am 55,154
(Break to 6 pm)
7 pm 56,372
8 pm 58,064
9 pm 59 072
10 pm 60163
(Break to midnight)(8316)

This is the last day of the dare. The novel is actually up to almost 64,000 words, and I suspect that it won't go more than 67,000 or so. I'm almost done. I could stay up and do the work, but I'm going to get a few hours sleep and come back to it so that I have the after time to celebrate.

And then it will be back to work in the real world... but at least I'll have something I desperately needed to work on ready for editing -- and it was fun to write. You can't get much better than that, really.

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