Saturday, March 27, 2004

Day 2
(Break to 12:30 am)
1am 14701
(Break to 3am)
4 am 16032
5 am 17398
(Break to 5 pm)
6 pm 19223
(Break to 8:00 pm)
9 pm 20240
(Break to 11 pm)
12 am 22175 (8160)

As I had predicted from the start, I had work-related things show up today that slowed me down, but I'm still doing quite well. I also got a little frustrated toward 9pm and stopped to watch a movie (Jackie Chan's Medallion -- lots of fun!). Oh, and I have to remember to check something -- the name of the black guy who was the driver. I think he's the same guy who was the pilot in the second Mummy movie. I had to close my eyes and listen to him once before I caught it.

But anyway, watching the movie really helped. I got about 3000 more words after that and felt much better. But then it hit midnight and I slowed down again. Then I hit a real and true problem spot and had to get up and sweep the kitchen and bother the cats for a while to work it out.

I am, over all, pleased with the change in this book. While talking to Mar in chat tonight I did a little checking with the last version (which came in, first draft, just a little over 40,000 words. Way too short, besides not quite being right.) Following the basic plot line, without all the additions and turns that I've put in, it looks as though I've added 10,000 words to reach the same spot in the plot line. I would be very happy if I can keep doing that well.

I hope to make it at least to 25,000 before I go to be tonight. It's looking good so far.

It's fun to be able to do this kind of stuff again. I'll likely pay for it when MM is done with a pile of work that must be done RIGHT NOW, but sometimes it's good to play around a bit again.

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