Thursday, March 04, 2004

It's been an odd few days. I've spent a good many hours in bed, fighting off the resurgence of the cold from hell. Not a big surprise on that -- this happens nearly every year right at the end of winter, when the weather starts getting odd. The weather bounces between the 20's and the 50's, and the snow comes and goes, and with that kind of weather you're apt to not be dressed the way you should be, one way or another. I also tend to hold on to colds for a long time, and though they subside, they just sit there waiting for me to stop paying attention...

We're sitting here with a winter storm closing in right now. Rain at the moment, which means it will change to ice and then snow -- the worst of all types of winter weather, because it puts patches of ice under the snow, and you just don't know when you are going to hit one, either on foot or in a car. This could be a bad night to be out. (Hope Russ gets home soon...)

I am getting caught up on work related stuff. That's kind of amazing, really, considering how awful I've felt. I feel so organized! I've even put a To Do list on my new Sony Clie (early birthday present). I don't know why I never did that with my poor, departed Visor. I usually do well with lists that I can work my way through. Just checking it, in fact, reminds me that I need to write an email. (There, that's done. Check it off the list! The fact that it's going to lead to more work is hardly the point... Really.)

(And there's another one off the list! Yay!)

(I lead such an exciting life...)

I can't really believe that I'll get caught up, but it's nice to see things going as well as they are. I still have some hope for at least getting the line edits done on Muse this weekend, even if I don't get them all typed in. I am organizing my notes for my new novel, and that's looking very good. I've been jotting down the outline in the Clie while I was stuck in bed, too ill to get up. A line here, a line there... it even started making sense after a while.

So, off I go to get some of that work done. And then... take a nap. I am still tired!

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