Friday, March 12, 2004

I have a schedule. I've actually kept up with it for three days so far, and I'm getting work done. It's made my sleep schedule even a bit more goofy than usual, though. I had osmething on the list from yesterday, and one of the programs would not work. And I refused to give up until I got it done. That was some time around seven this morning.

But I did it.

I am doing the new novel -- The Sand and the Wind -- just like I said I would, as a 500 word exercise first thing each day. That's proven to be an interesting way to work. I don't know if it will keep going like that once I get some of the class projects finished and have more time... but for now working through little sections has been fun.

My only real problem right now is that this cold and flu stuff will not completely go away. I wear out easily and I just have to go back to bed and sleep sometimes. I hope it all clears up soon, but in the mean time... I'm finally getting things done again.

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