Thursday, November 07, 2002

Yes. Hello. I'm still here.

Wow is this story going well. I've never had such luck with writing. I've gone over the half way point in the outline and over 60,000 words total... which, apparently, puts me in second place at NaNo. Actually, from what I can see, I'm technically in first place. The person who posted a 100,000+ story the first day wrote one paragraph and then copy pasted 'hello there' until they hit 100,000 words. (You can see it when you click on his name.)

I'm amazed. And I'm having fun.

And, nevertheless, I want this novel done.

So, back to do a few more 'phases' before I go to bed. I'm up to 192 out of 330. I kept thinking there were only 310... ah well. What's another twenty by that point?

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