Friday, November 08, 2002

Hello, yes, I'm still alive. (Notice the same sort of line in my last post!)

I'm up to 80,100 words right now. I might stop for the night. I've been feeling ill all day, and writing has not been a lot of fun... but then I could have just been sitting around miserable and not writing instead. Last I looked I was in the #3 spot on the NaNo chart. Amazing.

Ack. I thought I was done for the day. A bit of a scene just came to me. All right. Back to writing about 1000 more before midnight. Ought to be interesting, I think.

At the most, I have two more days of work on this thing. And then I'm off to something else.

Oh, and a rant or two when I'm done. I do have some things to day about attitudes. (grin)

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