Saturday, November 16, 2002

I've come to realize that during the work on Freedom and Fame, and now Whispers of Winter, I have taken a serious break from reality. It's been a needed break, to be honest. Things have been a little bit troublesome in real life, but nothing so earth-shattering that I couldn't escape for a while into a novel or two. That's good. Just the kind of break that I needed. I'm still at less than 20,000 on Whispers and starting to worry that the outline is not going to carry it all the way to 50,000. Argh. But I am still working on it. It's going very well as a story, just not the word count that I would like.

So yes, I'm a bit distracted still. I probably will be for a while longer. I need the break for a couple reasons, including my own bad temper at the attitudes of others here and there on the web. But once I'm working on a story that is going well... well, it doesn't really matter much. I'm in my place. I'm doing what I do best (whether I do it well is another question).

Off to do more writing.

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