Wednesday, November 27, 2002

So, I got a couple hundred more words.

And then I realized something. I want to be working on something fun when I hit 1,000,000 -- not just dragging out the poor second NaNo story.

Russ suggested something, and I think I'm going with it.

It's one of my 'Sangre' stories -- the two sister spies who thought they were working for the U.N., but found out they actually worked for an alien group instead. As it happens, the next story up in the set (written in my twenties), is Turkey Shoot, the Thanksgiving story. These are all holiday themed stories. The first book is Double Time for Holidays and has four stories: And aPartridge in a Pear Tree, Auld Lang Syne, St. Valentine's Day Masarcre Revisited, and Luck of the Irish. The second set (Which I haven't made into a unified book yet, unlike the complete reworking fo the first stories) has May Day, When Do the Firworks Start, Not a Ghost of a Chance... and Turkey Shoot. Possibly Home for the Holidays, if I feel up to it.

Turkey Shoot is not going to be a case of copying the story from an old version. The older version was written when the Berlin Wall still stood, and the Soviet Union held power. I'll have to rework everything, including the location and reasoning behind the assignment. But...

Yeah. Can you tell I'm having fun with this already?

Time to go to work on it.

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