Monday, November 18, 2002

Hello. A bit over 26,000 words today. Headache, though, and modem crashing every few minutes. That doesn't hurt with the writing, of course, but it is an annoyance over all.

I like this story. I realize that I've rushed through some parts of it that I can expand (good thing since the plot line appears to be a little light for what I need), but over all it's moved very well. I'm having a good time, when I can concentrate on it. Toinght is a problem because of the way I feel, but I think once I lock myself into the work, I should be fine. That's how it usually works for me.

My eyes are starting to give me some serious focus problems again. I hate that. I keep readjusting the position of my glasses, which does not help, and only contributes to the headache in new ways. So reading stuff is out. Writing stuff is in. Time to get to work.

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