Friday, April 19, 2002

Writing has not been going all that well the last couple days again. I've been in a boon or bust mode, I guess. Today's news at Forward Motion about the trouble with Holly's latest book proposal has not inspired a lot of writing either, but it has kept me thinking about what it takes to go pro. Russ and I talked about it -- how the money would be nice, how having a book on a shelf at a store would be very nice... how I would not do well at all with the kind of pressure Holly goes through.

But I love to write. I even love learning to write well. I'm just less and less sure that I want to step outside the relatively quiet, peaceful (no money) field of epublishing to stand as fodder on the front lines of paper publishing.

Well, I would have to have something accepted by a print publisher first, wouldn't I?

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