Friday, April 19, 2002

And I'm running behind on everything today. I have a list of four things to get done, not including any writing or editing of the novel. I have not done any of those four yet, although I do keep thinking about them. Does that count?

The first thing I probably need to do is get the agenda for the city put together and out. The meeting is not until Monday, but if I put it out I'll be working on it Sunday, which I don't want to do.

So the Agenda comes first, then editing a couple more articles for Vision, followed by work for the Checklist on Culture class for Monday, then material for the After the First Draft on Tuesday. Then editing of the novel, and then writing. Somewhere in there we'll have dinner, and watch the last of the Sharpe episodes which ought to be just depressing as hell.

I guess I have the rest of my day laid out for me. Although I may be in luck. The agenda doesn't look nearly as bad as usual! Yay!

Off to do work I don't want to do....

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