Saturday, April 06, 2002


I am mostly working on Brendan's Song right now, with very little writing on the side. It's gone much better today than it had been for the last couple. I wish I had gotten this done sooner, but at least I'm well over the half way mark finally. I think there's a chance I can have this done before Monday.

Which would make me very happy, of course.

They're calling for thunderstorms tomorrow. I love storms, but it would be just my sort of luck to have the power go down just when I'm finally reaching the end of this run. I've had that kind of luck lately.

I've let Russ know what I want to go to the zoo as soon as things get straightened around here. That had been my plan for my birthday, and it seems as if nothing has quite worked out since then. Really, that's not too bad. Their new desert dome just opened about a week ago, and I am looking forward to seeing it.

Not that I'm looking for something that will take me away from this computer for a few hours. Of course not...

Back to work!

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