Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Yes, I'm already a bit behind, but I'm actually doing better than I'd hoped at this point. I will have Vision up in a few minutes! Yay! And that's about the last of the really tough things on my list. Tomorrow I'll update the DTF site and a few other odds and ends.

I'm starting out the year with a new story, as I always do. I've written about 3k today, which really pleases me since I hadn't outlined the story or anything. I'm just flying with this one, and doing it on purpose to get a little change into my writing routine again. I don't have a title for the novel, but I'm enjoying the work so far.

I've updated the Storybook site with the next part of the Sangre story. I hope you enjoy it.

I've also started a photography experiment that I may not keep up. I want to do a picture a day, and I've begun a blog for that reason. It's quite plain right now. I haven't done anything but create the blog and put the first post up:

I've worked all day on one thing or another.

Let's hope for a good writing year! Posted by Picasa

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