Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just working away....

I've finished one story at just over 50k and two short stories at just over 4k. I'm now working on the rewrite-from-scratch of an older novel. I had a hard time with the opening to this one -- The Medusan Mutation -- but it's finally falling into place at about ten pages in. I'll be reworking the opening again later, after I get a better feel for the story again.

So, it's been a productive three weeks. I've also managed to write a steady 3k a day. This, I think, is keeping me a bit sane. And busy.

I am also doing a great deal of work in graphic programs. This has an affect much like reading the Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedias (and I'm half way through volume 7) -- it gives me something new to learn. Right now I'm trying to learn the basics of a modeling system to see if that kind of work appeals to me. I am getting better at some of the other graphic programs, and I love playing with them. I think this has, in an odd way, spurred me to devote myself more intently to the writing. I used to spend all day writing a bit here, a bit there, sometimes reworking things. And between those spurts of writing, I would spend my time going through FM or one of the other sites and doing work there. Now, however, I start out my day with 1000 words before I even open the email. Then I do what work I can, and get back to writing. Sometimes it takes hours before I can get the last 2k done for the day. I don't allow myself to play with the graphic programs until I've done most of the work, though.

I am also working on some new boards for FM that should help people with problems related to the site. This is a long, hard process, but it's finally coming together.

We have snow, by the way. This is more snow than I've seen in years. It's nice, really, because it's warmed up, too. I've got a cold, but with the improved weather, I think I'll start feeling better soon. Improved weather, by the way, means it is all the way up to 27f.

Okay, back to work. Posted by Picasa

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