Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting Work Done & Request for Editors

First up, Deron Douglas of Double Dragon Publishing is looking for copyeditors. This is a good opportunity for someone who thinks they might like to try the work, but wouldn't have a chance getting hired most places without any experience. Copyeditors are paid a percentage of the book sales, so there's no money up front, but if you do enough books over the year, there's a possiblity of some nice side income. It might also help to have some credits to your name if you want to look at some other publishing company later.

You can check out the site here:

And contact Deron Douglas (his email address will be somewhere on the pages!) if you're interested.


I'm working along on my new, still-no-title-for-it book, and having fun with it. I'm over 7k now. I not only have no title, I have no clue where it's going. My two main characters are finally in the same place, and things can start happening now... but I don't know what those things will be.

I haven't written a 'with a net (outline)' book in quite a while. It's oddly less stressful right now, but that may be a reaction to geting past last year. Anything would be less stressful after 2006.

I have nearly everything ready for the new 2YN class. I'll start adding the people in tomorrow, I think.I also have to update the Simplified Lobby page again. Maybe I should try to get someone else to take that one over, since I am forever forgetting to change things on it!

Oh, and need to work through the forums and see which ones need to be taken out of the listing -- most of last year's challenges, for instance.

(Jots these things down on list.)

I have about 120 people signed up for this year's 2YN class. Quite a few will quickly realize it isn't what they want to do and drop out (this is the forth group, so I know how it works), and a few more will drop out around world-building time, which too many perceieve as something only sf and fantasy people need to do. That's not true. Even if you are writing a book set in your own neighborhood, you need to look at a lot of really basic things that you might take for granted, but which can add a considerable amount of depth to your story.

But, anyway, I'm getting it all done and we'll soon be starting the actual class material. I'm looking forward to it. Since I really do have everything written this year, and I don't have any huge nonfiction projects hanging over my head, I'm going to try and do a book of my own. In fact, I started to do it last year, but got too caught up in other things to really get beyond the basic idea steps.

So, there are my plans so far.

I think it's going well. Posted by Picasa

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