Sunday, October 29, 2006

A picture from the zoo

I love this shot. What a wonderful look on the little one's face!

It's going to be a while before I get all of those zoo pictures sorted out. I'm now three trips behind on my zoo blog, which really annoys me. But I just don't have the time.

Which brings me to something Russ and I discussed tonight.

He thinks I need to step back from some of the things I'm trying to get done. He thinks I should go do NaNo and enjoy myself, and not worry that I don't have the 2YNY2 book done. He thinks, in fact, that I'm driving myself crazy trying to get all the things done.

I think he's right. I'll get the 2YNY2 book done. Just not right now. I'm over half way through it. There are problems that I didn't expect, some of them just with my inability to focus on the book for long. Part of that is a stress issue. The more I worry over it, the harder it is to get done.

So I am going to go into NaNo without worrying. I'll get Vision done. I'll have the FM site updated. I'll do whatever else absolutely has to be done. But I'm also going to start working in more time for myself again. That means zoo blog pictures, Daz/Bryce pictures, and writing stuff just because I want to write.

I never intended to be a nonfiction writer and I don't think I have the real mentality for it. So constantly working on nonficition this year has really added a stress level that I hadn't really considered until I was talking with Russ.

I need to have more fun again, especially with writing -- or else everything else I do, from DTF to the 2YN classes to Vision to even Forward Motion starts looking like more trouble than they are worth to me. When I'm in a bad mood, even stuff I nominally like can start looking like trouble.

So, more fun. More writing and editing (because, yeah, I like editing), more pictures and more 3d art.

I plan to start a story blog in December. I am going to be blogging a set of holiday stories over the next year -- The Don't Go Home for the Holidays anthology that I had offered as a free book for a short while. It features too sisters who thought they were working for a division of NATO and found out they were actually working for aliens. It's a fun set of stories, and I'm looking forward to it.

Don't Go Home for the Holidays: A Story of Spies, Aliens and Really Bad Timing

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Jean said...

Russ is a wise man -- listen to him and your gut feel.

As for NATO and aliens. You're not far off. :)

Enjoy NaNo.

Zette said...

It's difficult -- I've been going at a full out run trying to get things done for months now. It has not worked, though. I not only never get caught up, I start getting annoyed and that makes the work harder.

So... step back a bit, do some fun stuff....

Only a couple days to NaNo. It should be... interesting.

pandababy said...

I'm on page 13 of NaNo for the New and Insane. (I did Nano last year so I'm not new -- I must be insane!)

I Want "Don't Go Home for the Holidays" -- how did I miss acquiring it? I just finished "PSI" last week: thank you so much Zette!

Yes, Russ sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Keep having fun!

cherylp said...

Yay for Russ! Glad he said that. Now listen to the man! (grin)

Maripat said...

Listen to Russ. He's wise. And I love the title, "Don't Go Home for the Holidays." Good luck with NaNo.