Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Zoo

It was just too cold to go today. Cold and damp, and with an hour and a half wait outside until they opened, it didn't seem like a good idea. Russ says he'll get me down there on one of his days off . (He has those?)

I really wanted to go today. I need out of the house and to have some fun, and the zoo is the best idea because it doesn't cost me anything. I might ride with Russ up to his teaching job on Thursday, though, just for the ride.

I am looking at lists of things to get done again, and starting to get the feeling that I'm not going to make it. Especially on days like today when one of the things I want to work on isn't anywhere to be found. I need to hunt down some back up disks from some time ago (like 1999) and see if I can find the story.

I told myself that since I wasn't going to be home today that I ought to just do fun stuff. Somehow it's not going that way yet.

Okay, off to hunt down a missing story.... (Like I don't have enough others that I can find!) Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

Sorry you missed the zoo. A frozen Zette would be a "bad thing," so I'm happy you have someplace cozy to be today.

As for Russ and his hiding days off from you, well...I guess that's something the two of you can work out on your own.

cherylp said...

Zette, have you been to the doctor? Is there any way you can go? There are several physiological things that your extreme tiredness and lack of enthusiasm could be linked to--or it might be depression. I hate to see you try handling this without help.

E.Jim Shannon said...

I was watching a bit on "Okanogan poeple and Places" An interesting piece on bird collector and painter Allan Brooks. He lived on Okanogan landing and did hundreds of paintings on postcards in National Geo etc. I thought about his work when I read your post today.