Monday, October 02, 2006

Edmond is funny

We noticed this the other day. Edmund twists in odd ways sometimes.

Tonight the NaNo boards kicked off for the 2006 season. For some reason this kind of got me fired up . I even feel better than I have all day.

It also helps that Russ is home. He had a horrible five days away, too, poor guy. Missed a flight in Omaha and had to drive to Kansas City in order to get a plane to get to New York on time. Then sat on the runway for two and a half hours tonight, which meant he was way late getting home -- with a long drive from Kansas City to here.

But he's home... for a few more hours. Tomorrow he goes 70 miles north to teach math again.

I've been working on the 2YNy2 book, and I think I'm finally getting a breakthrough there. It won't be as long as the first book, but then the first one had a huge section of worldbuilding. I think it will be about 90 to 100k, which ought to be long enough, after all. And if that's so, then I'm about 20-25k from being done.

That looks far more mangeable.

The novel I thought I would be doing for NaNo -- the one I NEED to do -- is not coming together in the outline. The Servant Girl outline, which I wrote just before Labor of Love at FM is looking better and better. I've been adding a few sections and filling it out. I think it might be my main novel this year.

Part of me just wants to run with something this year like I did for the last book of NaNo last year. It is a useless book, filled with characters from a dozen other stories, all of them pulled together in one unifying situation. It was fun to write! Maybe I'll pull them all together for a second book this year. There's a thought....

But right now I think I want to get some rest. Posted by Picasa

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