Sunday, October 15, 2006

Am I getting caught up?

Well, you'd think -- given the amount of work I've done in the last couple days -- that I'd be caught up on something. It doesn't really look that way from my side, but maybe I'm just annoyed.

Okay, I have two weeks to finish up everything and do the outline for NaNo before the madness begins. I'm looking forward to NaNo. I could use that 'vacation from reality' about now. I don't think I'll be as ready for it as I want, but that's life. I'll manage.

I hope to go to the zoo on Thursady. It might not work out because Russ has some things going on that may mean it would be impossible to do. But it would be nice. (Goes to check weather.) Ah... except possibly for that snow the day before. Well, if it warms back up (say 50 or above), I'll be happy.

What else?

Nothing. Really. I'm working on the 2YNY2 book. I'm trying to add bits and pieces to my outline. I'm starting to look at putting the next Vision together, which means contracts should go out tomorrow.

Oh! And I will be a guest at SoonerCon next June! Yay! I have every intention of going, too. Life has to be better than it has been this year!

Okay, off to open something I should be doing rather than complaining here! Posted by Picasa


Valerie Comer said...

Heh, I'll have to get my zoo photos posted later today; had a delightful run at the Calgary Zoo on Saturday and thought of you several times!

cherylp said...

Congrats on being a guest at Soonercon! Hope you get to come back to ConQuest next year, too.