Thursday, November 11, 2004

And Onward!

I have finished my first NaNo novel (Bad Connections, 106,042 words) and started in on Darkness Falls. Right now it's a bit difficult because my brain hasn't quite moved from the Bad Connections feel to this one, which is completely different.

I'm almost purposely slowing down in order to get other things caught up. If I get caught up... well, I might pick up and run again and I might not. I love NaNo, but I do have a lot of other duties to handle.

Right now my plans are to write about 5k a day from here to the end of November. I might push that a bit here this week because I will have about 4 days with only a few hundred words as I head to the convention.

So expect me to not be all here again for a while. (grin) I'm having a great time, though!

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