Monday, November 15, 2004

Yes, hello....

Yes, I've badly neglected this blog this month. NaNo and all that, you know. But I haven't posted in my NaNo blog for the last couple days, either. I've just been far too busy.

Right now I am waiting to see if Russ makes it home before he goes to teach class tonight. If not, then I'll find something to eat and get back to work. Darkness Falls has reached a very interesting spot, and while the writing is slow, the story is interesting. I just don't want to jump into his part if Russ is going to show up with food. (grin)

It looks less likely, being a quarter to seven now. So I think some soup or something is in order for the night.

I am going to a convention this coming weekend.

It'll be good to get out for a little while, even if it does play havoc with my NaNo project. It already is -- I have a number of things that must be done first, so the NaNo work is falling a bit behind. Maybe I'll get caught up after the convention and maybe I'll just slow down and slide into the end of the year. (grin)

But right now, I think there's some food calling to me....

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