Monday, November 08, 2004


Yes, I'm a bit behind here, aren't I? Well, it is NaNo month, and all my free time is going into the NaNo novel -- which just hit 80k in 7 days, so no complaints there.

In fact, it has been a remarkably wonderful, quiet week. Very few problems anywhere. I've been watching other groups implode and explode and get very messy over the election, and I have to say that I'm very grateful the people at FM are wise enough to know that not everything in life is about politics, war and religion. Like I've said before, the people at FM have come to the site with a specific interest in mind, and they're not there to berate and lecture others about their political (etc.) beliefs.

I've seen some nasty disagreements at different sites and watched people who had been parts of groups for a long time, leave in disgust. What I did not see, not in a single one of these cases, was anyone change their mind by the arguments. I didn't even see anyone say they'd been undecided and were influenced by what they read.

And the same thing happens with religion and discussion about the War in Iraq. There are other places that welcome such discussions and revel in the gory shouting matches, but not at FM. We're there to help people learn to write better, and I don't care if you backed Kerry, Bush or your mother for president.

And again, thank you to the FM people who kept all their discussions calm and have been wonderful during this difficult year.

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