Monday, April 26, 2004

The three days to finish editing Muse worked. I have it done and off to a poor, unsuspecting volunteer of a Beta Reader. And now I'm back to work on site stuff and things for Vision, which is coming up far too quickly!

Ah well. I'd hate to get bored or have some free time or something, right?

In my last glance through Muse , I felt as though it still had some rough spots, but I think over all the story is there, finally. I have all the pieces put together, and while there may be a couple I take back out -- depends on how the Beta Reader and my husband react to them -- I have it in the order and the events that I want.

I started editing Eliora's World last night. This is the next Dark Staff book. It went VERY well, I'm happy to say. Maybe I've gotten into the feel of editing. I'm happy. I should have it done quickly.

Well, but I do need to get the rest of Vision put together. Running out of time there!

I intend to take at least one weekend a month to do some serious writing/editing work from now on. It should be fun!

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