Thursday, April 01, 2004

Okay, here we are in April. I've survived the March Madness and I'm starting to sort things out at the site again. I have my new 'to do' list up on my wall, with certain things blocked out for the rest of the month -- Muse, 2YN, Vision work, etc.

It's all looking pretty good, really. I sold a story tonight to Fables. I have two stories out in a new print anthology from DDP. I think the Fables anthology will be out soon, too.

My week long vacation from reality was a lot of fun, but I'm anxious now to get back to the other work. I've put Wind and Sand aside and pulled Farstep Station back out. I think I made some sort of story error early on in Wind and Sand, and I might start over on it as well. But I need to rethink what I'm doing with it.

I also have an odd little short story playing at the back of my brain. I might get it out as well. It's good to feel productive again, at least!

It's a good night. Had an odd occurance this morning where someone accused me of considering making steps of disntinction or some such thing at FM and how the site is elitist... you know, I hear that term paroted from one person in to another, but it's amazing how no one has ever actually sat down and said what they mean.

Not that it really matters. We have a lot of very happy people at FM. There seem to be a lot of unhappy people elsewhere, and I think FM just has become a convenient target for a lot of them. The site keeps growing, more and more people are happy with it, so we're doing a lot of things right. We won't work out for everyone. That's a given in any kind of thing we do in life.

But it's fun to be there for the ones who do appreciate the amount of work it takes, and who are anxious to join in with the fun and the work.

It's a great site to be involved with.

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