Tuesday, January 20, 2004

You know, glancing back over the last few entries, I think I forgot to post a bit about my upcoming chapbook, Honor Bound. I know there are a couple people who only read this for the exciting news about my life. (grin) I might as well talk about it here, too, since I think I managed everywhere else.

At any rate, I have seen the cover art for the chapbook. I've also seen two of the blurbs.

Blood, bullets, knives, explosives and a genderbender twist---with a healthy dose of heart. Works for me. Jane Fancher

As I've said elsewhere, I love Jane Fancher's work. People should go and hunt it down. And she should write more. I hate the waiting.

And the second quote:

A talented writer with a gift for worldbuilding... CJ Cherryh

Anyone who knows me for long knows that I adore CJ's books, that I have about 50 of them hardbound and signed... and having a quote like that from her means a lot of me.

The person who did the final copy editing on the little book also ordered a copy for his friend because he liked it so much.

It will be out soon, as in counting the weeks, if not the days. And I can't wait to hold the book and see what Holly said for it as well. (grin)

In other news, I'm working on Farstep Station still and getting some work done on Muse. I have slowed down in my writing. I seem, in fact, to have slowed down in a lot of things right now. But life is good. How can it not be with something as fun a Honor Bound coming out?

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