Friday, January 16, 2004

No, that's not how it looks now. That was last April. We're having rain right now.

I think there is something screwy here with the weather.

I'm posting to give just a quick note so that people who wonder and have not yet emailed me will know...

Yes, I knew about Robert. I knew for a couple years... hold on. October of 2002 -- that's when Seri Ember came out. I'm glad that he finally realized he can trust his friends, because that's really what his admission is about, you know. It's not about who he is -- Robert has always been Robert.

No, it had nothing at all to do with why Robert and the other people left FM. There were only two times when it was even a passing concern. The first was when Nonny announced she was moving in with Robert. Holly and I discussed it (she knew way before me), but we both decided that there was no way Robert wouldn't be up front with someone he loved, even if they hadn't met.

The only other time was when Nonny posted something on Holly's blog that Holly felt was just... not truthful. That was between the two of them, and Holly never took it any farther.

I'm glad Robert found the courage to be himself and be open with others. Being yourself, and being happy with your choices, is all that matters in the end.

So, good luck to him, and enjoy life.

And I'm going back to writing.

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