Saturday, January 03, 2004

Long day. Way too much stuff to get done and not nearly enough writing done again!

But I am starting to get caught up with all my other work, and I think if I start on the writing earlier instead of messing around for most of the day I'll do better. I'm going to take some paper and actually write out a few scenes tonight and type them in tomorrow. I won't know how I do on the word count until then, but I just need to get away from this computer for a while and rest. I can do that in the tub and write at the same time.

Russ will be home late tonight, which is good. It's supposed to snow, but not much. Just the same, he's not going to stay too late and have to drive home in the dark in snow. That wouldn't be good on the small, back roads of Nebraska, and really going by the Interstate would not only add a lot of distance, but also isn't all that much safer with the crazy drivers.

I'm really a bit worn out tonight, and I hope that get past this tired stuff soon. It's been an annoying day for that reason, although I have actually gotten more done than I expected to.

The odd thing about the new novel is that I can see it clearly, but every time I sit down to do the actual work I either get called aside for other things, or I end up staring at it and not getting nearly as much done as I would like to. I think I'm just driving myself nuts this time.

Anyway, time to post and move on. I have writing to do. (grin)

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