Friday, January 30, 2004

That's Wind. He's such a cute guy.

Well... until about 3:30 this afternoon, I thought I was very nearly caught up with everything. But about that time I learned that I'm short a class for Back to School in February. It's way too late to ask anyone else to come up with something on such short notice, so that's what I've been working on all afternoon and night. It's going to be an odd class, but at least it's something I can mostly handle without too much work.

Russ is home. Yay! We had a nice dinner and he told me all about the stuff he did in Omaha. I told him how cold we've been and about various on line bits.

Over the last three days I read my two NaNo novels from this last November, and I have to admit that they weren't horribly bad. The first one needs more work than the second, but I think the story lines held up pretty well and the characters were interesting. I needed to look at something of mine besides Muse. It was a good way to spend a few nights, curled up in bed with lots of covers and a half dozen or so cats.

I'm very happy with Muse as well. I haven't quite decided where to insert the new material for it, but the editing on the first part is going well. I am going to start looking at cover letters, query letters, synopsis... all that other fun stuff as soon as I get past 100 pages of editing on it. Once I get the submission package out, I'll go back to finish the edits.

You will have noticed that I've dropped just about everything else in fiction writing. This is because of outside work at the moment. Once I get caught up with Back to School (again!) and get the work done for the Novel Class so that I'm a month ahead or so, then I'll go back to work on Farstep Station and maybe a short story or two.

Right now I only have time for one piece of fiction, and since I've told myself that Muse is going to be in the mail before my birthday, I had better not drop the ball on it.

And now... back to work!

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