Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Projects for 2013: Merry Go Round Blog Tour #18


On the first day of January I started my first project for 2013, having (as I always do) finished up all the drafts of stories I had started in the year before. The first story for this year is the third Summerfield novel, Winter Warning. It's going very well and over 30k already. So plainly, I'll be working on another project pretty soon! This is the blurb for the first Summerfield book which is already out:

Summerfield grew up traveling from one odd place to another while his parents searched for enlightenment. Now he works for the nation's leading paranormal publication. That doesn't mean he's prepared for all kinds of weirdness in the last place he expected to find it . . . Omaha, Nebraska.

(You can find all my works here on Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/zetteG )

The Summerfield books are fun to write, which makes this a really great way to start out the year. I'm having a fantastic time with the novel. However, I really don't know what the next project will be. This is kind of unusual for me. It's not that I don't have stories clamoring to get out of my head, but rather that none of them have beaten the others down yet. I'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

That's the new project stuff but there are other things going on. I am editing Xenation: Draw the Line which is a complex sf story about an ancient, abandoned space station and the humans and three sets of aliens who have taken up residence there. I love writing this kind of science fiction with all the cultural world building. That's going very well, but -- as with all editing work -- this is a long term project and I don't have to even start thinking about what I'll do next. (Though I have. I think Journey to Winter, another epic fantasy, might be in line.)

My first publication of the year will either be the sixth 2YN book if I can focus on the formating, or else Paid in Gold and Blood which is the novel I've been posting two chapters at a time on this blog (There is a link to all the chapters up above in the header or you can use the label link to the right side). I'm very close to having the posts done, so the novel might sneak in before the 2YN book, which is unfortunately running late.

Oh, and I joined in the Two Year Novel Course on Forward Motion with a futuristic urban fantasy called Whispers of the Past, but that's a very slow, slow push through an novel idea, so it can hardly count for me as a project until we at least get to the outline phase. This is the idea, though:

In an age of space flight and magic, and twenty years after the devastating Fae-Human war, a fae police officer has to come to grips with bigotry while he investigates a magical crime. With no memory of his own past before the war, and hampered by the humans he works with, he must find answers to trouble even the rest of the fae community does not want to face or discuss.

As far as writing goes, you can see that I have projects everywhere already. So this is going to sound odd given what I have just written: One of my main projects this year is to not bury myself in the writing side and do nothing else. I'm preparing for some serious photography work again, including upgrading to Photoshop CS6 and working through some books on how to best use the program. I have even been looking at new DSLR cameras, if I can just save enough to make the leap. I love photography. Many of you know this since you follow my Picture-A-Day Blog where I started posting a picture taken that day on January 1, 2007 and have not yet missed a day. (http://zettepicaday.blogspot.com/ ) I also have a Flikr account, of course: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zettepics/ . I hope to get back into the computer art world, which I've badly ignored for most of the last year.

I've already read more (fiction and nonfiction) so far this year than I had in the last quarter of 2012 and I hope I can continue this trend. This is because of my lovely new NookHD that allows me to read in bed. Because of problems with my sight, this is by far the best way for me to read. It's been a joy to get back to reading odd things. I've even read all of this month's issues of National Geographic and Smithsonian, which were so full of little plot bunnies that they kept me awake even longer.

I'm ready for 2013. Sure, I'm falling behind a bit already on some things . . . But I am still ready to take the work on. It's going to be a good year for writing and for other things!

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