Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flash Friday # 28 -- The Meeting

(I am posting this early because the end of the month is always crazed for me!)
    The mouse taunted him, running back and forth on the edge of the porch where Fluffy stretched out in the sunlight, watching through slitted eyes.
Back and forth, back and forth; he could take it no longer. Ears flattened, tail stopped twitching and his muscles tightened. He was ready -- but as he leapt up and dashed for the horrid little creature, the mouse jumped off the porch and into the underbrush.

He shouldn't have followed, but it was his pride at stake. He crashed through the underbrush, and squirmed on his belly through the leafy debris, following the damned mouse --

To a place he shouldn't have gone.

Thump, thump, thump.

Fluffy recognized the sound and came to a breathless stop, his ears flattening, the fur on his back standing straight up. He saw it then: the glow of red eyes staring at him from the shadows.

He took a step backwards --

"Oh, don't go my good, fine Fluffykin," the familiar voice whispered from the darkness. "Don't go yet."

And then the horrible crunching noise and a loud swallow.

"What -- what do you want?"

The figure came out of the shadows in a single, almost silent leap, bringing with him a flurry of leaves and some food. His fur was a molted brown and one ear flopped over his right shoulder. He would have looked for like a big, lovable plush bunny except for the maniacal gleam in the big red eyes.

Fluffy hadn't seen his arch-enemy in almost a year. Not since the battle of Mrs. Waterfields Flower Garden late last summer. Fluffy's ear flickered -- the one with the big notch out of the top -- and he started to step back again.

"I brought you here for a reason, Fluffykin." He pulled out a piece of food and began the horrific crunch, crunch, crunch as he ate more of the disgusting carrot. How could he stomach those things? Fluffy's blood curdled just watching him nibble at it.

"What do you want Bunnywomper?" he finally asked.

The rabbit went still except for a twitch of his nose, a narrowing of the eyes. And then the thump again, the back leg batting the ground in agitation.

"What did you call me?" he demanded. Thump, thump, thump. "Do we need to go through this again?"

The rabbit leaned forward, dropping the carrot to the ground.

"Ah. Oh. Sorry." Fluffy put both ears down and out of reach of the shiny teeth he could see too well. "Mr. Bunnywomper. What do you want, Mr. Bunnywomper? Sir."

The rabbit settled back on his haunches and Fluffy let out a little breath of relief.

"We have a problem, my fine Fluffykin. It's our humans. They've given up the fight. My fierce little Millie has acquired more interest in the cheer leading squad rather than taking over the world, despite the urging of her mother. And your Davey? What is it with him? Football this year?"

"Band. He didn't like football. Too much like life in the superhero world -- all that shoving and running. They're both bound to be busy," he said with a satisfied sigh. No more chasing after Millie and Bunnywomper to stop them from taking over the world. Some rest in the sunlight --

"You fool," the bunny hissed. "You blind fool. We are the powers of the world. We have a destiny to fulfill, and you are willing to let your human sidekick dictate our futures? We are going to make a plan, Fluffykin. We are going to begin the battle again and all the way to the glorious end where I take over the world!"

Fluffy blinked a couple times. He wanted more trouble? Well of course he did. The rabbit was as mad as . . . as a march hare, he supposed.

"You are going to remind Dave of his destiny to fall victim to my mad genius --"

"Just a point, but I don't think that's really going to encourage him to get out there and fight the good battle, you know."

The ears flickered. "Stupid, blind humans. I suppose you're right. Tell him superheroes get more girls."

Well, that might actually work. But did he want it to? He liked the nice, calm life --

"And if you don't get him moving, we'll have this talk again," Mr. Bunnywomper said, picking up a carrot and nibbling again. Crunch, crunch.

Oh yeah. He'd talk to the boy. Maybe a few battles, get the blood flowing again. Right. Not so bad, as long as he kept his ears out of reach.

"Are we agreed, Fluffykin?"

Agreed? What would happen if he didn't? Well, he'd be lucky to get away with either of his ears intact. And the problem, of course, was that he was the good guy. He had to live by the rules. If he agreed, then he was committed.

"Fluffykin?" Bunnywompers said, leaning forward. Thump. thump.

"You worry about your girl. I'll get the boy moving." It wouldn't be as easy as when he was a kid. Teens didn't want to go put on the tights and cape and hunt the bad guys for some reason.

He'd never understand humans, but he was stuck with his. And at least Dave gave a mean ear-rub and sneaked him food from the table.

"Then till we meet again on the field of battle," Bunnywoomper said with a bow of his head as he backed away into the brush. Thump, thump, thump. Crunch. Crunch.

Fluffy backed up until he had a line of weeds and leaves between them. Then he turned and sauntered away. He wouldn't run, though all the fur on his body stood out on end. Not worried about the bunny back there. Nope. Really.

Back to the house. The boy would be home from band soon. They were going to have a long talk.

And maybe some snacks. Yeah. Snacks and talk about saving the world. This might be good. Save the world. Right. Everyone needed a hobby.

The End
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