Saturday, April 03, 2010


I generally wear out a keyboard every year or so. But tonight I found something that made me laugh. This is page out of story probably written back in the mid 70's and it was done on a typewriter. The holes in the manuscript? That comes from the keys hititng the paper so hard that they poked holes in it. I really pounded the keys back in those days!

The story is hopeless, by the way. I think there might be a plot hiding in there but I'm not really convinced of it. And the angst -- aaaaiiieee. And we'll not even talk about the head-hopping where I have no clue who is thinking what.

I'm sure it all made some sort of sense at the time. (grin)
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Margaret said...

Ouch. My hands hurt just to look at that :).

My mother typed a fairy tale of mine that is quite reasonable for the first 2.5 pages. Then it goes completely random and insane like written by a CAT or something. And the last page is missing. Possibly because for it to exist would spell doom to the universe...or maybe it would have made the crazy part make sense?