Sunday, December 18, 2005

Working toward the end of the year....

I haven't been doing many posts lately, which you obviously can tell. Part of it is that I just have too much to do, and this is the bottom of the list -- that point I never actually reach. But today I decided to just leap over here and write a little anyway.

Things are somewhat better here at the house, though we are still looking for those checks that people owe us. My camera has virtually died -- it won't turn on more often than not. I'm getting my 'picture fix' by playing more with Daz Studio and doing pictures like the one above. I'm going to try and work on the camera myself and see if a good cleaning will help. Hey, it can't hurt! If I can keep it going for another few months, I might have a chance at a new camera.

I took the first picture with the trusty old Sony CD1000 on March 6, 2001. It's produced over 20,000 pictures since that time. I've absolutely no regrets with this camera. In fact, I kind of fear that a new one won't hold up as well as it has.

Yes, I am still obsessing over cameras. It's always been an important part of my life, and until recently I had made more money in photography than in writing. It's hard to not grab the camera every time I look outside and see a squirrel doing something silly.

In other news....

I have put up the post to sign up for the third round of the two year novel class. The first group is just one week from completion, and the second group is half way through their first year. There seems to be a good turn out. Russ thought I was going to take this year off, but this is really going to be the first relatively simple year since I will have both parts already written. That's over 200,000 words for the combined two years.

I'm trying to get Such Gifts as These done (and maybe come up with another title). I need to finish it up this week and get it into the mail next week.

Other than that... nothing.

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Anne Merril said...

Hmm, I hope the camera is only having a temporary snit! I like your photos.