Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ah. Umm... Well....

First, I checked out the astrology link from Holly's current page:

pisces: Instead of blowing with the next creative breeze, try and establish some structure, even if it is around the holiday parties. Routine and boundaries can be useful, especially now, so set it up and see how insanely productive you become.

How insanely productive I become? Are you JOKING? I just wrote over 200k in November and I've gone over a million new words again this year. I don't think I need to be any more insanely productive, do I? Of course I could probably turn that to something other than writing... but still. I laughed.

The car is still in the shop. It's too cold to go anywhere anyway, so I don't mind. And I'll continue to feel that way right up until we run out of Diet Pepsi. I'm drinking tea today, so that should help.

My poor trusty digital camera is dying. About half the time it develops an error when it turns on, and I know that one of these times it's going to be permanent. The idea of being without a digital camera bothers me a great deal. I have film cameras, but I really can't afford to go back to film again. As expensive as the digital camera seems up front, it pays for itself quickly when you start looking at film processing. I take a lot of pictures. I love it, and I'm going to be very sorry when I lose that ability.

I can't afford a new camera, of course. But I keep looking at THIS ONE, which would be my camera of choice. I have several lenses and two film bodies that I could use with it. It would probably need about a gig storage compact flash card, which just means more money, of course. But... I long for this camera. I go and look at it once every couple of weeks. The price has dropped quite a bit over the year, but it's now farther out of my reach than it was earlier this year.

Well, I just keep hoping my lovely old Sony CD1000 holds up!


Anne Merril said...

It's amazing that you do all this writing, but are you ever going to try and be a professional writer? Don't you ever want to put your work out there to be read? Or are you just shy?

Zette said...

I think you need to look at my actual web site. LOL.

Mikaela said...

Sometimes horoscopes are wrong. Very wrong. I wonder what it would say about me? Finish GWM?

I hope you sell something soon, that don't is a e-book ;) Good Luck Zette

Mama Rose said...

Cool camera. Of course, by the time you get the money, there will be a better one. That's the nature of digitial and electronics. lol :)


Jean said...

Gee, Zette, isn't 200k just warm up writing for you? (ducking and running)

My dad has the 8M Canon Rebel 350. It's gorgeous.

I'm still happy with my 5M Sony DSC-V1.

The Maxxum looks great, too.

Zette said...

Linda -- the truth is that at some point you have to decide 'this is the one' or you just keep waiting for the new, better, whatever. This is the one I want. I have been working with a digital camera that is woefully behind the times by today's standards, and if it was willing to work for another four or five years I'd be happy with it. Having to make a decision (even if I can't follow through on it), I decided on the Minolta and this version, rather than the newer D5 (or whatever it is) because this one does everything that I want.

Sigh. I am in love with the camera. LOL!

Zette said...

Mikeala -- a few of my works are in print, and most of the others will be around the start of the year. I'll be interested in seeing if anything sells better.

Zette said...

Jean -- I've been looking at the Canon cameras, which are quite lovely, too. But the deciding factor for me is that I have the Minolta (or Konica Minolta as it's now known) lenses that I could use again.

The Maxxum 7D would really be a good camera for me. It's not the top of the line like some of the others, but then neither is my Sony CD1000, but I've done alright with it!

Jean said...

Top of the line isn't essential. My dad had the Canon lenses, so that probably contributed to his decision (I have Canon lenses as well as screw mount Pentax).

If you have Minolta lenses, that's the best way for you to go.

As for the Sony CD1000, I came very close to getting one, but I waited a little longer to replace my FD7. (grin) Dad had the Sony CD400 before picking up the Canon.

Gabriele C. said...

I still have an analog one. But since
a) I keep complaining about the costs of films
b) I keep using my father's scanner
c) my father has a digital camera and loves it
d) I keep borrowing his camera (or filch his pics to post on my blog),
I suppose it won't be too long until I'll get one. *grin*