Friday, December 02, 2005


So, it's one of those days...

First was the email from the SBWC. Asking me to take part on a panel. Me. ah. Eek! Great honor and all.. But me?

So... That can kind of warp your day. I really didn't get much done after that. Estand update and found that I couldn't upload it. Web work for a friend and screwed up something and now have to redo the Index page, which is graphics intensive and I'm not really certain I'm up to it right now.

We went to a NaNo meeting tonight. Unfortunately, the woman had canceled right before we left and I hadn't checked the NaNo board. Russ had his computer with him and found the note posted on the NaNo boards. So we packed up to head back out... And the car wouldn't start. I'm back inside. Russ has gone to meet someone to take us home. Tomorrow we'll have the car towed to our repair shop. Don't know how long it will be there because none of the people who owe us money has paid us. Not one of them. The only money we could even count on over the next week requires the car tomorrow night. Not going to happen.


I could use a break from reality. No hold it -- I just had that. It was called NaNo. I don't think I could take another break like that.

Of course this could have been much worse. We'd been talking about going down to DeSoto to see the geese. Far better to have the car break down here than 100 miles from home.

But still....

I'm back home now. I think I'm just going to go hide myself in some writing for the rest of the night and not think about anything too drastic....


Alphabeter said...

*hangs car keys in shame*

I didn't mean for you to catch my car troubles!

I still have your swag, even a second set for Russ-who made me infamous with my Mum's friends for comparing sex to writing.

Zette said...

I'd love to have it. Won't happen today-- car is still in shop. But maybe we'll find a time to get together at Panera's again! (grin)