Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yes, that is the total number of words I wrote in November. It was an interesting month! I don't quite know how I managed that much, but there it is -- one long novel and two short ones over 50k each.

Now I'm back to the real world again. I've posted material and updated the links for FM for this month.

December already. I'm having trouble with that concept. This year has gone too quickly in many ways. It's not been my favorite year for a number of reasons, but we're getting through it.

But NaNo is over and now I have to re-order my life again and get the last few things done for the year. It's always such a shock to suddenly hit 12:00 am December 1 and realize that you're not really racing to get anything done. Suddenly you have free time again. Well, maybe not, really. I know there are a number of htings I need to get done. In fact, I'm going to write out my nice little list now and start working my way through them.

We have snow, by the way. A lot of snow, in fact. We haven't had this much snow this early in the year in a long time, and it doesn't look like it will go away any time soon. I expect a warm up before Christmas -- we almost always get one -- but right now we have knee deep snow and a very happy dog. She loves it.

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