Monday, November 28, 2016

NaNo Week 4

I am writing this late on Sunday night, the 27th.  I believe that I'll make my personal NaNo goal for this year -- 200k -- without too much trouble.  I'm down to about 4k a day for it and while things might still go wrong (it's been that kind of month/year), I am going to hazard a prediction that I'm going to do fine.    Raventower & Merriweather 2: War is done at 128k or so and Silversun will come in at around 75k.  Not too bad, all things considered.

December is going to be nice.  I only have one novel left to finish this year.  I also have a bit of an outline to fill out, but that shouldn't be difficult.  There is one other story idea I'll write up as well, I think.  But the word counts are going to be low and I'm going to play with graphics and stuff, too.

I'm not certain how the weather will be, but I'm in my little office with the heater, so I'll be fine.  Just really don't want it to be cold and white too soon.  Though it does make nice pictures.  I need to get back to doing some serious photography.  NaNo has taken every bit of my energy this year, though.

What else?

I have crossed a million words for the year.  I've done this for several years, so it's not much of a surprise or anything.  Glad to have done it.  I have four new novels and a lot of rewritten ones this year, so that's good, too.  I expect next year to be much the same in that respect.  I want to get a lot of the older stuff in order and published, so I've been focusing on rewrites and edits rather than a lot of new things.  Besides, Silversun is my 102nd novel.  Less than half of them are published.  I need to get working!

I wonder if I can make up a list of things to publish in 2017.  A few new ebooks and a lot more print versions (because I can do print versions of ebooks that are already out).

For the moment, though, I am just glad to see the end of November in sight!

Next month I think I'll talk about goals.

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