Monday, November 07, 2016

NaNo Week 1

We're one week into NaNoWriMo.  I've written somewhere over 60k and Raventower & Merriweather 2: War is going very well.  It is fun to write about 10k a day for a few days, but this is not something I can keep up for the entire month.  There will come a time when the flow of story words will slow down again, though I'll probably stick to about 5k a day. That's still about 2k over my usual average of 3k.  I'll push, in other words, but not as much as I do over the first few days of the month.

What's the point?  I'm sure some of you are wondering that one.

The point is that it is fun.  Yeah, I could write that 60k over 20 days instead of 6, but that would be just a normal sort of day for me.  Sometimes changing things up for a few days is not only fun but helpful.  For me, it is a chance to look at writing from a slightly different perspective.

The novel is going nicely.  I've found their voices again.  There has been only one odd problem.  Normally I would write an outline and set it aside for awhile.  This time I leapt straight from the last bits of outlining and straight into the story.  This has created a strange little problem.  I start writing something and think I've already done it -- but no, I had only done the outline part.  It just feels as though I just did that entire scene.

I'm sitting at 61809 and I have a clear afternoon, I think.  Time to get to work!

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