Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why I love Russ

This is an exchange of emails between Russ and me today:

Zette --

Little package came today!  I'm setting it aside for a couple days (until my birthday on the 8th).

Russ --

Oh, I think it MUST be opened now!!!!

Small, white odd shaped? Making funny sounds?

If so, open it quickly!!

Zette --

No funny sounds.  LOL.

It's the 2012 Love Stamp box?

Russ --

That's the one!

Open it quick!!

Zette --

Ah!  He's CUTE!  Thank you!

Russ --

Whew! It was STUFFY in there!

When I put him in, I told him I’d get him out as soon as possible! It was a tough sell, but he was the LAST BEAR LEFT! We KNEW he had to come home with me!

Zette --

Oh my!  He gets to sit right by Aristotle!

Thank you

Russ --

Yep – he was alone for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! And in a box for 3 entire days!

Zette --

Bertie the Birthday Bear


Deb Salisbury said...

LOL! They are both darling!

Jean said...

Awww. Both so sweet. Happy birthday, Zette!