Friday, March 02, 2012

Welcome to March!

The big news this month is "Read an e-book week" which runs from March 4 through March 10.  Smashwords is doing a nice promo and I'll have my novels there on sale for $1.50 each (and some of the shorter pieces for free!)  This includes The Servant Girl which I hope to release on the 6th or so!

Eliza lived with Princess Sondra as her trusted companion until civil war tore her from her friend's side.  Now she must learn to live in a world filled with intrigue and danger, where the use of her magic might get her killed . . . and where it is getting increasingly difficult to tell friend from foe.

Last year I released Kat Among the Pigeons right around my birthday so I decided to do the same with this book.  It's a different sort of fantasy tale for me since there is very little magic in the book.  I'm looking forward to seeing what people think of the story and the characters. 

Water/Stone/Light is moving along at a slow but steady pace.  I think it's turning out well, too.  I like the characters and I'm going to have so much fun making their lives hell.  Writers are such odd people. 

I have started the outline for my Elves in Space story.  No, that won't be the title (I hope!), but I needed a placeholder while I got the idea moving.  I think it's going to be fun to write, and I will start that one on my birthday.  That's something I do every year -- start a new story as a present to me.  Normally I would be rushing to get the current one done first, but that's just not going to happen.  It's okay.  I often have more than one project going.  That really helps when the brain gets a little stuck.  It's really good when the projects aren't anything alike too, which makes it easy to move from one to another. 

I have also decided on my next edit project, which is the first Devlin book.  I've been over it a few times already and the plot is in place, but I'm still not happy with some of the wording.  That means I'll be really going over the pages, but I don't think this one will take too long.  The problem is getting the feel of Devlin into the book.  Her voice is harder to capture than I expected.  She's an interesting character, but it's hard to make that final contact with her sometimes. 

Devlin is a top agent for the Inner Worlds Council Security force -- a spy in common terms -- and she's not very happy with an assignment to the backwater world of Forest.  Settled by the Work for Man fanatics, the government has restricted not only the use of tech equipment but also regulate nearly every aspect of life for the small population.  The settlement is boring and the people don't like outsiders. 

There is one anomaly, though: The brutal show known as Bear Dancing pits a human against a native life form.  Devlin's work is to learn about the show and report what she can about the bears themselves because there is suddenly outside interest 

The people involved in the bear dance are secretive.  She's gathered all the information she thinks she can, and she's ready to move on.  However, when a top-ranking scientist arrives on world, Devlin thinks she might be able to pick up a little bit more information. 

And that's something the locals fear.

So there we are!  I have plenty to do for March.  I'm looking forward to the work!

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