Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me


So, here I am celebrating another year.  I've started a new book (right now called Elves in Space, but I hope to find something better.  Really.) and I wrote 1000 words on it before I went to bed last night.  I always start a new book on my birthday as a way to have fun doing what I love to do.  Today I've also  done bits and pieces of stuff for work, but I'm about to go write again.  Just write and have fun.

The release of The Servant Girl a few days ago was my real present to me.  I had intended to put it and my other novels on sale, but hey -- it fell in the 'read an ebook' week celebration, so I just put everything on sale for the whole week.  Yay!

So, would you like to help me celebrate?  Go buy one of my novels for $1.50 from Smashwords. Even if you don't have an ebook reader, you can download a PDF version!  The great thing about Smashwords is the variety of reading devices the site supports, including Kindle and Nook.

And me?  I'm going to go write some more and enjoy the day.