Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Russ will be home on Friday.

This pretty much means a round of insanity for the next couple days. I've started realizing there are all kinds of things I wanted to have done before he got here, and that's not even counting trying to get real work out of the way.

It is quite likely the last time I'll see him this year. We're about to head into winter, and the weather is too changeable to risk him coming home and getting snowed in. So I'll be heading into another winter (the fourth here alone), and we just have to have things ready this year.

This also means preparing for writing. NaNo is just a few weeks away (how did that happen!), but I am pretty much set there, if I have to be. I have 5 full Devlin outlines, and I can just start with #1 and see how far I get. I'm still writing the 6th outline now.

I did finish the edit of Glory. There's a little bit more work to do, but it's pretty close to ready to submit. Yay! I might even have that done before NaNo. That would be a nice goal. And it will give me something to do after Russ leaves again. I'll need goals and such then because it's not going to be much fun.

I'm about half way done with the sixth outline. That's probably going to be the last one I do before NaNo. I might do another one or two in December, depending on if I feel as though I want to invest that kind of time in it. Right now, I'm just looking at leaping into November and not coming back out until December. How much can I write? Probably around 200k again, but we'll see.

So, not a lot of interesting things to say today. Too much going on to stop and think out anything really interesting. (grin)

And now, back to work!
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