Friday, October 01, 2010

Odd Things


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I've been busy, and I fear that I am going to remain busy for a good long time. Maybe that's all right. Winter is coming and I really don't like the idea of being here through hip deep snows again (like the last two years). If I'm busy enough, maybe I won't notice the snow. Right? Maybe I should just plaster the windows with pictures of the mountains and oceans and just pretend I'm somewhere else.

About a week ago we were talking in FM chat about stories and how we see them. One of the things that seemed to be pretty common was the 'movie effect' version, where the author sees the story as a movie in her mind.

I do that. Except I didn't realize that my version is a bit different from the others.

They actually see the movie. I see the movie with a constant voice-over saying the words as they would be written, so even when I'm seeing a visual representation of what's going on, I'm also getting what should be the written version.

Very odd. I never thought about it until then.

I had to slow down on the Devlin Team books because of some outside work. That's okay. I'm on outline #6 out of 14. I should get it done soon and I might get one more in before November and NaNo. Or I might stop with 6 and work on other things that I need to clear up so that I can have a week in November for silly, fun writing. I'm not sure how much I'll do this year, but then I'm never really sure, so that's not a surprise! I have outlines. We'll see how far they take me.

What else?

Russ will be home in a week. He has classes to teach and will be very busy, but it's going to be great to see him again. We have to get me prepared for the dreaded coming of winter since it's very likely he won't make it back before it's over -- which would be February or March. He did make it home for the last week of December last year, but that was a fluke. And the weather was so iffy it was really risking him getting stuck here and in a lot of trouble with work.

I am using Word to write and post this, just to see how I like it. I'll have to go back in and add a picture afterwards because I can't quite see how to match them up yet. That shouldn't be too hard.
Of course, if there is no picture here, it's because I couldn't get one to load in at all.

So, let's give this a try, shall we? Since I normally write the blogs in Word anyway, and then copy/paste them in, this might just save me a step. Or it might prove to be even more work. You never know until you try! 

Note: Upload went fine.  Edited it to put in picture, no problem.  Need extra lines between paragraphs and consider the font size next time!  Changing that in edit mode!

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Good for you for trying new things. And awesome news about your husband. :)Busy can be dealt with. Distance bites.