Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Russ is home!

He's busy tonight, but we've been going like mad the last few days. I now own a slightly outdated, but wonderful laptop that we picked up new for $169. I am very happy to have it! This not only allows me to work away from my office now and then, but also to work away from home if I have a chance to go anywhere with Russ!

I'd been saving up money in hopes of finding something inexpensive. This was far more inexpensive than I had expected. I thought I'd have to spend at least $400 to handle even the small amount of absolute things I needed.

So I bought a Nook with the rest of the money.

Yes, I did. And I LOVE it.

I am reading one of the three books that was on it when I bought it -- Pride and Prejudice. I have never read it before. I think I might have read parts of it for school at some point back in the dark ages, but I really didn't remember much of it and I have never watched any of the shows or movies that have come out. It's exploring whole new territory for me.

And the one thing I have noticed is the almost total lack of description. Well, that and the Omni POV, of course, but I expected that one. I'm catching a lot of the humor, which I didn't expect. It often takes me a little while to get into the feel of a story.

My first actual purchase is a set of Andre Norton novels. She's the person who started me in my love of both science fiction and of writing. I'm looking forward to reading them all. My plan isn't to buy much of newer material at all, but to stock up on classics and historical material. It should work out wonderfully for me.

So it's been quite a week for me. We went to De Soto National Wildlife Refuge a couple days ago. I went to the zoo yesterday and took 577 pictures. Yes, it will be a while for me to sort those out, though many of them were sets of three bracketed shots.

I'm writing about 1k a day while Russ is here. I'm enjoying the slow pace and working my way up to NaNo.

So, that's it! The only real problem I have at all is that the DAZ people are VERY late with stuff this week. I need to get to work on it now!
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