Friday, December 11, 2009

A bit late!

Just about the time I was preparing to write this yesterday, I suddenly blew a fuse in the house again. This is the second time recently -- the same fuse -- so I've got to figure out what's wrong there. Worse, I didn't have any more fuses in the house at all. I went to bed very annoyed and somewhat cold, though the furnace was still mostly working.

Today, I have water boiling on the stove to help keep the place warmed up and that has done wonders. I also have fuses, thanks to a friend who brought a box of the little beasts over. So the rest of the house is powered and I have my little heater in my office again. This is a good thing. I don't like cold.

Neither, by the way, do the cats.
They were entirely upset by the whole thing and let me know all through the night by waking me up as they pounded on the door to the bedroom. I did not let them in, even though they would have been warm. They also would have pulled down things and kept me even more awake.

But we are past that. It's not as cold tonight, too, which helps just in general.

December is turning out to be a rather odd writing month for me. I'm working on notes for In the Shadow of Giants, but I'm not going to write that one until March. Just far too much to do for it, and not enough time with Vision and all coming up. I'm also working on the Twitter story, which I think is close to done in the first draft. I like it so far -- mostly. We'll see how it goes by the time I get it finished.

This is an odd December for me. Most years I'm working like mad to get something done. This year, I'm trying to stretch out the projects I have. It's been rather fun, in fact. I've done more art work than I normally do. I've enjoyed that part. So much so, that I think next year is going to be far fewer words and far more art. We'll see. Come January 1, the urge to leap into the year and write all the things in my head is going to hit again. Then we'll see if 'oh, I just won't write that much' is going to stick. I kind of figure 'not' since it hasn't stuck so far!

This is the type of thing I do every December -- start thinking about what I want to do, what I want to change, what I think I want to accomplish. I have a few things lined up for next year.

Well, it's now nearly 3 am on Friday. I had work to do that got away from me. Now I'm going to finish this up and head off to bed for a few hours! Turning off the heat, shutting down the water on the stove... checking the temp, which is colder than I expected. But that's okay. Just go off to bed and sleep for a few hours! Yay!

That's it for me. I'm going to go think a bit more about my plans for next year.
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Dr. Bill Irwin said...

Each year I tell myself that I'm not going to make any New Year's resolutions because A) I should just have the discipline to do what I need to all the time and B) if I haven't done it for any other reason a "resolution" isn't going to help. Then each January I end up renewing my intent to complete several uncompleted projects that were abandoned at various points during the previous year or new projects that would be worthwhile.

(If it looks like a resolution and sounds like a resolution...)

All of this is the result of the kind of unintentional musing you describe that happens during December.

It's funny how calendar dates and seasons can put us back on the wheel for another turn.

I hope you stay warm,